❝Booker, are you afraid of God?

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Would you please stop staring at me?
                    It’s a bit distracting.❞

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Ah, hello! Guess who’s back. Yes, it’s me. Sarah, Sigma, whatever you learned to call me. Now, take this as an invitation to bombard my ask box, reply to the open I’ll be soon posting, or whatever you want, I don’t care! I just want to get back on Clara, as she’s my baby princess. 

Now, for the reason’s I’ve been gone. I’ve been doing this workshop thing in the city I live in where we have four weeks to do a play. Our first play of this year was Peter Pan, and I was Brave Oak. And, right now, we’re doing Annie, which auditions are tomorrow. So, now you know.

That being said, come roleplay with me! I don’t care who!

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Anonymous: Clara Oswald


// Hi there, Nonny! There are a bunch of awesome Claras I follow!

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THANK YOOOOOU., outofimpossibilities;,

Would anyone like to help me with my monologue over Skype? I have auditions tomorrow and I need to get it memorized… Also, think of this as a like for a starter too. So, yeah, like for starter or reply/message to help.

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hi i'm back., so please roleplay with me., outofimpossibilities;,

If any of you are wondering where I am, I’ve been distracted by these blogs: x, x, x, x.

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Send me a ship and i’ll say:


  • who falls asleep on the couch
  • who wakes up first
  • who cooks the most
  • who’s in charge of the tv remote
  • who takes the longest getting ready
  • who takes up most of the bed
  • if/what pets they have
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Who wants kisses? Drop me a symbol!

★: A peck on the cheek.
☮: A peck on your forehead.
✈: A barrage of kisses all over your face.
☢: Several licks on your ear.
♛: One kiss upon your hand.
✖: A hickey on your neck.
♥: A kiss on your lips.
☠: My fist to your kisser.
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send me a ✿ and i’ll generate a number.

  • 1: aggressive kiss
  • 2: all over kiss
  • 3: back kiss
  • 4: cheek kiss
  • 5: eyelid kiss
  • 6: fingers kiss
  • 7: firm kiss
  • 8: first kiss
  • 9: forehead kiss
  • 10: french kiss
  • 11: gentle kiss
  • 12: ghost kiss
  • 13: hand kiss
  • 14: jawline kiss
  • 15: last kiss
  • 16: neck kiss
  • 17: rain kiss
  • 18: stomach kiss
  • 19: underwater kiss
  • 20: upside down kiss
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meme; things I like to know about rp partners

I came up with this based on things I love to know about my roleplay partners! ;; Feel free to reblog and fill in your own answers-- or don't. Shh. Love me. 

               FILL IN: 

I like to be called: Sigma.
My favorite color is: TARDISBlue.
Gender: Female.
One thing you should know about me: I want to be an actress.
One thing you should know about my muse: She’s very stubborn.
First language: English.


Age range: under 13 | 14-17 | 18-22 | 23-25 | 26-29 | 30+ |
Am I okay with NSFW?:  Yes | No | Rarely.
I have: one | more than one muse(s).
My favorite/most common thing to RP is: angst | fluff | smut | crack
OC friendly?: Yes | No | Depends.
RP blog: does | doesn’t contain OOC posts.

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